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Post Date : March 27, 2023

It goes without saying that cabinets are the foundation of any kitchen remodel. They are the one thing you really don’t want to screw up, the item you are most likely to spend your time agonizing over, and definitely the place where diving into the details really matters. Also – measuring, measuring measuring. It can all be a bit overwhelming, but when they come together and get put into place? The reality of your new kitchen takes shape and it’s the BEST feeling.

After revealing the finished (!!!) remodel of our cellar kitchen yesterday over on Emily Henderson’s blog, I thought it would be fun – and helpful! – to get into more of the thought and design process behind our kitchen cabinets since that’s where most of the comments and questions landed! For me, designing cabinetry can be broken down into three big decisions: 1) Layout 2) Color & Style and 3) Functionality. So, I’m going to go through our process using those three main decision-drivers.

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