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Post Date : March 27, 2023

Nearly fifteen years ago, I began Coco Kelley as a little side project. The blog was created as an outlet for my love of design. Fast forward to 2022, and I never would have believed my career trajectory would have taken me here. But like all good things… it’s time for this journey to end, and another to begin.

While I’m not ready to close the doors on blogging forever, my focus has truly shifted – or rather, the world around it has shifted. I’m no longer interested in the label of ‘influencer’. And to be honest, I never really was. That title grew organically along with me, and while that role afforded me many an amazing opportunity, eventually I found myself burnt out by the cycle of sponsored posts and the demand of constant content. I felt like I was no longer living my life, but planning my life around what photos opportunities it would provide for me. And, frankly, that’s no way to live. I wanted to create for creation sake. Travel for the love of travel. Cook a beautiful meal for my friends, not just photos. 

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